Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Just wanted to share that I was so excited to find out today that my Holiday Inking Tree was recognized in a tweet by Hero Arts!!

It was such a lovely surprise, and confidence booster for me as a newbie stamper/cardmaker. I have to admit I was starting to get a little intimidated by all the wonderfully talented crafters out there and thinking that my efforts just didn't match up. I have a horrible habit of wanting to be the best at everything, and giving up if I can't be, and it has really been great for me to try to push past this with creating cards. All of your lovely comments here, and on Two Peas and the Flickr pool have really helped!! A funny thing is I almost didn't post this card as I didn't like how the background turned out LOL, just goes to show you can be your own worst critic!

Sorry if I am a little over excited, and gushing over just a little Tweet, but this is huge for me having only been doing this for a little over a month :)

I saw a quote on someone's blog today (sorry I don't remember who it was...) that said:

"If only the birds with the sweetest voices sang in the trees, the forest would be a quieter place."

That really made me think and encouraged me when I feel so inadequate compared to all those super talented ladies out there.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more cards I created today- having fun with distressing!!

Lynsey x


  1. Hi Lynn, I really think that you are being too hard on yourself! Your work is so wonderful! And for a newbie as you call yourself, you must be a natural! You asked me a question on my blog about a sewing machine! I am probably not the best person to make suggestions because I am totally embarassed to admit that I purchased a very pricey Bernina only to let it collect dust for more than 2 years! And now all I do with it is sew on cards! A waste hey?! I have seen some of these small sewing machines that do the basic straight stitch, I have to wonder if they make one that can do straight and zig-zag because I would definitely recommend that you get something that does at least those 2 basic stitches, the zig-zag is really nice. Maybe price a low-end Bernina as it is a good make. Not sure if this is helpful. PS: I have become a follower!!!

  2. Congratulations, Lynn! Don't let the competition interfere with the joy of creating; there was a huge discussion about this very topic a year or so ago on flickr. If you like your results, that's really all that matters, and the rest is icing :)
    To answer your question, that is a bluebird on my blog. I've only seen one for real and they really are that brilliant!