Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Introducing Watkins Wednesday!

It's 10.18pm exactly over here on the West Coast you know, so I'm not late posting this... technically it is still Wednesday ;)

I promised a new feature yesterday- and here it is! I mentioned a month or so ago that I had signed up to become an Independent Watkins Associate, and it fell kinda flat to be honest lol! I understand, most of my readers are here expecting to see cards and the last thing we want when taking our daily time with a cup of tea (or coffee for you non-Brits!) is to have people trying to sell us random stuff.

I get it, I really do...

But, the more products I try from this company, the more I just LOVE them! So, I have to share!!!

I mean, who couldn't love a company that started here- in a little red wagon back in the 1800's.. and is still around today!

Even more amazing to me, is that the very first product that J.R Watkins sold in 1868- from a little wagon just like the one above- is still one of Watkins number one sellers today! All they had to do to make it 96.5% natural was remove the artificial red food coloring it was previously formulated with. Isn't that amazing!

Not only does this Pain Relieving Liniment have a great history, it also works!! Boy, does it work! My husband suffers from lower back pain after a fall from the top of a plane (that was on the ground at the time at least :-P ) a few years back, and he has pain meds for it but they affect his sleep and just make him feel horrible. So when we read about this liniment we figured, why not give it a try! The science behind this stuff is that all-natural camphor and capsicum (that stuff that makes peppers hot!) stimulate nerve receptors that feel heat, masking the feeling of pain and relieving discomfort. The camphor works as a kind of anesthetic, stimulating some nerve endings and depressing others. The bottom line is, Jason says it feels gooood and really does work! I haven't had a need to try it yet, but I'm holding out hope that if those endometriosis pains return at some point that this will be my saviour!! It's priced well too, $12.99 for a 11floz bottle- and this stuff lasts forever as it's so strong you really don't need much (oh, and they advise you pat it on rather than rub it or it could get a little too hot- phew!).

 According to a testimonial on the Watkins site, a Minnesota Twins trainer recommended it to Johan Santana- and he was amazed by the immediate relief and now uses it for all of his aches and pains and suggests it to other athletes....

That might impress me a little more if I had any idea who Johan Santana is, and what sport the Minnesota twins even plays... but hey, if athletes uses the stuff it has to be good right?!

Ultimately though, I don't need any testimonial other than the one from my happy hubby, who as I said LOVES THIS STUFF! :)

If you would like to order some Pain Relieving Liniment you can do so at my Watkins site here! While you're there, why not take a look at all the other hundreds of natural products available too :) If you see a lot that you like, why not host a catalog party- I send you some catalogs for you to share with your family and friends, you collect the orders and money, send me the orders via email and money through paypal, and then I ship the products to you to distribute to your family and friends. If your catalog party totals more than $150.00 in sales you get 10% of the total sales in FREE product.... if your party total is more than $500, you get 30% FREE!!! If you're interested, you can find my email in my blogger profile to get more info :)

So, that's my very first Watkins Wednesday feature all wrapped up! I look forward to sharing more with you each week as we explore more of the products available, and add to our list of The Wronas' Recommendations!! Hehe, how cute is that, I just made it up as I typed :-)

And remember, even though you are more than likely reading this on Thursday morning- I wrote it on Wednesday night (now 10.51pm!) so I wasn't late with my first Watkins Wednesday post! Ok, glad we cleared that up :)

Lynsey x

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time for my monthly update...

Um, oops... there I went again neglecting my blog for almost a whole month!

I have one question- where did October go?!!!

I can tell you one thing for sure, it's been a reallllyyy busy month for me, and a fun one too!

It involved lots of meeting new people, making lots of crafty things, and researching lots of boring business stuff!

I launched my new Etsy Store, and little company Oak Valley Crafts & Gifts!

 I made some Halloween Themed Coasters- BOO!! ($8.00)

 Fall themed Candle Holders (Vintage Pumpkin ($12.00), and Coasters (Vintage Autumn Butterfly ($12.00)
(I found the vintage pumpkin and butterfly designs on a great blog called The Graphics Fairy, and I've linked them up to her weekly Brag Monday feature!)

Lots of coasters featuring our local covered bridge and community motto! These were super popular at the Octoberfest carnival here in town!

 And, I've been busily working on custom, personalized coaster orders too! ($20.00 for set of four)

I was excited to be invited to join the Tehachapi Valley Arts Association and start working at and selling my items at Gallery & Gifts!

I'm also signed up to sell my crafts at two more car shows (Lancaster 10-29, and California City 11-13) and at a big Holiday Bazaar next month (11-25, 11-26) at Bear Valley Springs. Last but not least, I'll also be at Souza Family Vineyards for their Holiday Boutique events (11-11, 12-9)!! Whew!!

As you can probably tell, I've been making quite a lot of coasters, candle holders, and cards lately. That wasn't enough for me though, so I'm adding magnets and tree ornaments to the selection... watch this space :)

I haven't had time to spend on much of anything else lately lol! But, we've been making decisions and making plans... I'll share more on that soon.

The new Watkins catalogs arrived yesterday too, wooo! I already have a list as long as my arm of more products I want to try, and an ever increasing list of my faves!! I'm introducing a new feature, Watkins Wednesday tomorrow- so again, watch this space! :)

Ok, time to get back to work- I have 20 sets of coasters to make today lol!!

Lynsey x