Thursday, February 24, 2011

Surrounded by boxes!

Hi all!

I realized I haven't posted in 10 days, and unfortunately don't have any cards to share today either, but I just wanted to pop in and let you all know I am still alive- just very busy!! We're finally closing on our house, YEY, and should get the keys tomorrow, double YEY!!! So, as the title suggests, I am knee deep in boxes and packing paper getting us all packed up and ready to move! We're pretty much all packed apart from the kitchen necessities and food, our clothes... oh and my craft room lol! Even though I haven't had a chance to create in the past week, I just can't bring myself to pack away all my lovely stamps and inks in case I do get time to play! This of course is ridiculous as if things do go to plan and we do get the keys tomorrow we'll be actually moving, and cleaning, and unpacking etc etc for the next week and will have even less time to play.... I guess once I've finished typing this I should just go and get it done- but it is only 5.30pm and hubby doesn't get home from work til 11.30pm, and I've pretty much packed everything I can for now..... maybe I can have a little play before packing :)

I had to laugh when I saw the weather forecast for this weekend. Winter has been pretty mild here and we've seen barely any snow, even up in Tehachapi where we're moving to, which is at 4000ft. So, of course this weekend, when we should be starting to move and have a carpet cleaning company scheduled for the new house, they are forecasting snow- and lots of it! Down to the desert floor, which means snow at our current house, and a whole lot of snow at our new house!!! This would be very exciting if we were all moved in, snuggled up on our new sofas with our new pellet stove keeping us warm. However, we will be driving up and down the mountain with loads of boxes- that is if they don't close the roads!! Ah, nature how you like to play with our plans lol!

Now, see if it does snow and we can't start moving I will definately want to be in my craft room having some stamping time..... maybe I'll just pack it up next week :)

Lynsey x

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  1. Oh Lynsey, too funny, but not really! I say keep stamping until the last minute! Good luck with the move and all the very best for you and your family in your new home!