Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Here's what made me happy today....

This arrived in the mail today!!!!

Yeyyy!!! You wouldn't expect anything less right? For someone as addicted to Distress Inks as me lol! I saw the release post by Tim Holtz on my birthday and was super excited, but when I tried to buy them everyone was out of stock already :( But then, I think it was a couple of days later and I was doing my usual morning thing of checking Facebook and Twitter on my phone when I woke up, and I saw a tweet by Simon Says Stamp that they had a few left in stock!! Well, I've never actually purchased anything through my phone before- but you bet I clicked that link right away and bought me a set :) Hubby was very confused when he turned over next to me and I told him I just bought that seasonal Distress Ink set I wanted lol! As a bonus, when they arrived today, SSS has included a pack of pink rhinestones- could a little package in the mail be any more exciting to open!! I can't wait to get my stamps inky with these new colours!

I also picked up a great find in the Dollar Store today...
I've wanted to try my hand at making those painters tray wall decor thingys for a long time now, and when I spotted these for just $1 each, I couldn't pass them up! I almost took all of them- but I figured I had better actually try making one first, as even at a $1 it's silly to spend that if I won't use them. I have all kinds of ideas running around my head for some great gift ideas for Christmas, and I'm going to do a few holiday decor ones too!

Another thing that made me happy today?

 I ordered The Help through the local library system a couple of weeks ago, and I think I was something like 35th on the waiting list! I figured maybe I'd get to read it by the end of the year lol, but it came in this week!! I plan on taking a nice hot bath this evening and try out my new bath soak from the Watkins stuff I shared yesterday, and starting the book. Have you read it yet, or seen the movie?

You might have noticed I change my profile blurb yesterday- after all I had to update my age at least :( lol! I mentioned a new addiction I have developed over the past year..... couponing!! Yes, I am one of those annoying coupon ladies hehe!! Well, I'm no where near as extreme as those shown on Extreme Couponing- which by the way, is very exaggerated for TV- and I refuse to buy junk just because it's cheap, or even free! I don't get huge savings, and don't even buy the Sunday paper to get the coupons anymore (as it's mostly full of junk food coupons), but the savings really do add up, plus I enjoy researching and working out the deals. It's nice to get my brain working now and again lol! So, I decided I will share my couponing adventures here from now on, as well as everything else I have been over sharing lately lol! I had a disappointing trip to Rite Aid today as they didn't have what I wanted in stock. I'll go back on Friday when I'm next in town, so no biggie :) I did a little shop in Walgreens though while picking up a prescription.

This is by no means what I would call a big haul- I didn't have a coupon for the trash bags, and only 2 for the carmex- but still they are things we use and needed, and they were a lot cheaper than usual.... The trash bags were on sale for 5.99 and with an in store coupon I got $1 off that, so $4.99. They are usually around $8-9 I think. The Carmex is usually $1.79 each, and there was a coupon in the ad for 3 for $3. I had 2 printable coupons for $0.30 off one, so got all three for $2.40, or $0.80 each.  So, with tax I spent just over $8 and saved $7. Again, these weren't awesome stock up prices, but we had 3 trash bags left and hubby will only use Carmex, and only the squeeze tube as he gets coldsores a lot in the winter. This is stuff I would have to buy anyway, and I saved almost 50%! Do you coupon?

So those are the things that made me happy today! I'm also excited for the new Modern Family and The Middle tonight... and Grey's Anatomy tomorrow!! We had been talking about cancelling our satellite all summer, but now with all my shows starting back up I think it might just have to stay!

Hope you had a happy day too!

Lynsey x


  1. What the heck is distress ink???

    I don't coupon. It all bothers me. I understand that you can get some good deals, but I almost never find coupons for anything we buy. Maybe I'm picky. :P I do use them now and then, like Target just sent me a few I might use, but I don't try to "coupon". I also don't get the people at the grocery store blocking the whole aisles and getting every single item off the shelf so they can get it for free while those of us that are paying for the food can't get through or find what we want. That's another discussion for another day, though. ;P A good deal is always fun!

  2. lol Nell! Distress ink is a type of dye ink pad used in stamping and other paper crafts and altered prjects. There are about a million different techniques you can do with them and theres 36 (+these 3 new ones) colours... I have them all, hehe!! I had no idea what they were until a year ago when I got into stamping :)

    As for the couponing- if you know where to look you can find coupons for pretty much everything. We don't buy processed food other than a few things like Nature Valley bars etc and I have found coupons for organic veg, rice, bread etc etc. Also, any shower gel, toothpaste etc you can pretty much get for free with a good sale and coupon :) I get annoyed by the shelf clearers too- I always make sure to leave plenty, and have only ever bought 6 of something at one time before!