Monday, July 25, 2011

Ok, today WILL be the day!!!

So, after my last post on Wednesday, I excitedly looked up my favourite challenge blogs and started planning what cards I was going to make.... then hubby showed up home early from work (he usually gets home at midnight so the evening is when I tend to craft) and we ended up snuggling on the sofa watching TV.

We also got talking again about me looking into going back to school, and so there went Thursday as I spent the day trawling college websites and emailing a million people to figure out where to start with that lol! I have wanted to be a Dietitian for years now but couldn't figure out how to manage going back to school to get the required degree. For one thing, I already have a BA in Psychology (yes, I am reading your mind as I type :-) ) and I felt like going back to get another Bachelors kind of made those years I spent getting that a waste of time (though very fun!!!). Secondly, the closest colleges to me that offer accredited programs in Dietetics are over 2 hours away, and I no longer see an appeal in dorm living- probably something to do with being almost 30 with a husband and a mortgage! But, I have discovered a course that is offered completely online and that will lead not only to me being eligable to take the exam to become a registered dietitian, but will also end in a Masters degree! I'm very excited now, but also extremely confused navigating the prerequisites that have prerequisites that have prerequisites!!! Of course, this online college doesn't offer all of the prereqs online so I then need to find other online courses to get them- arrrggghhh!!!

Sorry, I'm boring you...... but you see how Thursday was overtaken and card making pushed to the side lines yet again!!

Hubby works 4 day weeks so has Friday through Sunday off. We spent Friday 'researching home improvemnt projects' which translates to vegging on the sofa all day watching DIY Network lol! I do have a list as long as my arm of things I want to do now though to give our 5 year old house more character. We also decided to stop procrastinating and actually build some much needed shelves in the garage for storage, so we got out the tape measure and designed us some shelving that would be much cheaper than buying them ready built. Then Saturday and Sunday were spent (with the exclusion of Saturday evening during which we ate Mexican food and cuddled babies at our friends' house) buying supplies and building our shelves! We're feeling very proud of ourselves for completing our biggest project yet...

From this:

To this:
It's not quite finished yet as someone (who, me?!) slightly miscalculated how many 2x4's we needed so we have to get some more to do the top shelves, and we want to add 2x4 to the bottom front of each shelf to give it a little more support. But like I said we're pretty happy with ourselves.

Ok, so it's just a bunch of 2x4 and plywood screwed together, but WE built it together :)

Fallen asleep yet? lol!

Anyway, all that just to say- bear (bare?) with me, I AM heading into my craft room today and WILL have cards to share tonight or tomorrow!

Watch this space :)

Thank you for your kind comments, and for not giving up on me :)

Lynsey x

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  1. Hi Lyndsay!! Good luck with your decision about getting back to school. Your renovation is starting to look up...way up! Have FUN!!