Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where'd my mojo go?!

 It's January 19th already, can you believe it?! I haven't posted since before Christmas, wow time is going fast! Sorry for going MIA again, but with no excuse of a trip home this time lol! Honestly, my head has just not been in the right place for stamping and card making. I was really excited when I got my Hero Arts Catalogue for Christmas and ordered some a few weeks ago but when they arrived in the mail they have just been sitting on my desk. I love them, but just can't get into the mood to start playing. I have plenty of ideas, and have loved seeing all the beautiful creations on the Hero Arts blog and Flickr pool- but just can't get myself into the craft room to make beautiful creations of my own!

I think it's because of everything we have going on in our life right now. When I went on my trip back to England, I got out of my routine of reading my favourite blogs and playing in the challenges and since I got back we had Christmas and have been dealing with still trying to buy our first home. The first house we were getting fell through a couple of weeks ago. It was so disappointing and stressful to deal with and to make the final decision to walk away and stop fighting for the house we had set our hearts on was really hard. I won't bore you with all the details, but basically it was just one thing after another coming up with that house and in the end we just had to accept that it wasn't the house for us. Honestly though, the minute we made that decision to walk away and move on it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and now I'm really glad we did it. We were lucky to find another house we love right away, and put an offer in on it on Tuesday last week and by Thursday we were already in escrow!!! We have our home inspection on Friday morning so you have to wish us luck :-) Of course, now the stress and disappointment has been replaced by anticipation and excitement- we've been looking at furniture and appliances we'll need, and I've picked up quite a little addiction to Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx, looking for cute home decor items for my new home!! Its all so much fun, but again eating into my brain space and time I need for my card making!!

I was thinking earlier today that maybe the motivation I need to get going again is to stop by one of my favourite challenge blogs and try to play along. So I'll be heading over to the Etsy Inspired Blog and to the Hero Arts Blog to see what they have going on and hopefully get into that craft room.

Do you ever lose your crafting mojo? How do you get it back?

I do have a few cards to share for you though that I did a few weeks ago. The pics aren't great as I had already put them in cello bags before I remembered to photograph them (see I'm all out of sorts lol). I am a big supporter of a local charity called Forgotten Angels who are a cat rescue and focus on adopting out homeless kitties, but also on running a trap-neuter/spay- release program in the community to try to reduce the feral cat population on the streets. I used to work at the local PetSmart and became friendly with Cathy, the lovely lady who runs the rescue. We actually got one of our babies, Odie from them a couple of years ago. Here he is on the right with one of our other boys Taz.

I got talking to Cathy when we were down at PetSmart during one of their adoption afternoons a few Saturdays ago. They have a table at the front of the store where they sell cat and dog goodies like car magnets, and mugs etc and she was saying how she needed to find some new products to sell as people wanted new things. I suggested I could make some cards in a cat or dog theme and if they sold I would be happy to make some for her every week to sell on the stall so she has something new and different. I love the work that they do, so it's the least I can do to donate these cards and hopefully help get them some money for food for the kitties etc. So, here are the cards I've made so far- I'll  be taking them down on Saturday so I'll let you know if any of them sell!!

I found one of the kittie sets, used in the first card in a craft store when I was home in England, and then got another cat set and a dog set by Inkadinkado, but I've got to be honest and say I'm not loving any of the sets- they're really not inspiring me that much!

Do you have any recommendations for cat and dog stamps I could get to make some cuter cards. I really want to help Forgotten Angels make some money, so I want to make the best cards I can!!

Oh, and as this is my first time posting this year- Happy New Year!!! 

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