Friday, January 21, 2011

Love, love, love!!!

Just had to share my excitement with others I know are probably jumping up and down just like me!! I let out a little eeeeekkkk and scared the life out of my cat Silvester who was snoozing next to me, and received a rather worried look from hubby who was minding his own business watching TV!! Soooo, what am I so excited about?

Look at this....

I think Ranger and Core'dinations were thinking specifically of me when they came up with this collaboration lol!! Ok, maybe not- but there seriously could not have been a better new product for me- just take a look back over many of my recent cards like these Christmas cards or these distressed cards. It's quite obvious if you spend any amount of time on my blog that I have a little Distress Ink addiction- I have all 36 of them (got them off ebay when I first started stamping), and use them for every single card I make. Then when I bought my Texture Boutique starter kit, it came with a sample pack of Core'dinations cardstock and once I got sanding and distressing that card I was hooked on that too. Now I can get that yummy sandable card in the distress ink colours.... I am in heaven!!!

Oh, and just to amp up the excitement even more- they are giving away 40 sets of this wonderful new product (I sound like I work for them don't I, hehe). Just head over to the Ranger blog and get your name down for the contest. They are bringing out one in the Adirondack pallet too, so even more srumminess to play with. I just can't wait til these are available to buy and I can get my hands on them.

Oh, also my kittie Silvester was a little jealous when he saw that I had posted a pic of the other 2 the other day, so he insisted I snap a pic of him to put on here while I was in the middle of taking card pics ;-)

Here's my beautiful boy- he just loves the camera! I wish you could feel how soft his fur is too, I could just snuggle and pet him all day.


  1. WOw! That is GREAT news! I used distress inks so much! I didn't have as many inks as you do though...the problem is I don't buy them on line and the LSS and Micheal's are limited (which is a good thing, I guess!). Your Sivester is ADORABLE! TFS! About the SRM STickers, you can tell that it's stickers IRL if you study it closely. But they are ALMOST transparent. Hope this helps. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Can't wait to see what you create next :)

  2. I'm loving this news, too! Can't wait to see these collections in stores!!